C++ Builder/400

vai ai prodottithe most powerful development solution to create Web based and distributed applications for your IBM System i. Unleash the power of the System i to your users or clients, giving them fast, secure, and robust solutions to access your data via you Intra-Extra Net or via the Internet.

C++Builder/400 follows from the fusion of two well proven technologies :
  • C++Builder (Borland's award winning C++ visual 4 GL development tool)
  • ClientObjects/400® 4.1 (Our flagship middleware product integrated in award winning Delphi/400 and ActiveObjects/400

The result of this combination gives programmers the power to quickly deliver scalable, web enabled business applications that can take the advantage of the undeniable processing strength offered by the System i system.

C++Builder/400 Overview

In today's world, new enterprise applications must fulfill both :

  • The legacy architecture built over the years, with different type of systems and platforms.
  • New technologies like Internet Enabled Applications, Multi-tier Distributed Applications, or market standards like ISAPI,OLEDB, ActiveX

Programmers must face these new issues in addition to the ones they already had.
A key success factor for strategic enterprise applications, is to give programmers a well proven solution that provides full System i integration with this new technologies, insuring them that they will not compromise platform security, data integrity, nor the lasting of their older developments.

C++Builder/400 solutions not only integrate seamlessly and natively into your System i system, but they will enable your System i emerge in today's Windows and Internet world.

With C++Builder/400 : "Discover the wonders of your System i"

C++ Builder/400
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