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a complete software suite to modernize and develop your new System i web applications JACi400 is a complete solution including:

  • An automatic conversion for all your existing 5250 applications to HTML
    • Supports RPG, ILE RPG, Cobol, CLP and S/36
    • Only one version to maintain for 5250 and for HTML
    • Supports no-source applications (OS/400)
  • A code generator to create new pure HTML applications in minutes in place of days
    • Generation of source code with HTML for the client, ILE RPG for the logic and SQL to access the data
    • Source code can be enhanced with your own business rules and with your favorite tool
    • No limit in the design of your HTML pages including multi-tab entry forms
  • A deployment module using Tomcat or WebSphere Application Server (Portal)
    • All converted and developed applications running in batch mode (all OS/400 versions)
    • Use Word (Excel or any windows program) to present your data
    • Built-in functions like remote printing without Client Access, download files, web 2.0 support (Ajax, Dojo) and more

You can find here a list of detailed features

Key benefits:

  • The same technical team to maintain the existing applications and to develop new web (HTML) applications using the same language (RPG or Cobol)
  • Your future system will be a mix of converted and developed programs
  • No limit for your new web (HTML) applications, no more 80 columns or 24 lines, no more subfiles, display any number of lines and columns
  • Design any type of entry forms using all HTML objects like combo-box, check box, radio-buttons and more and "multi-tab" entry forms
  • Ready to handle any number of Internet users with WebSphere Application Server or Tomcat
  • Create your future WebSphere Portal Applications directly in RPG or Cobol
  • and more...

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