JBuilder for iSeries

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a new Java development solution for IBM System i allows you to develop Client,Server and Internet applications using IBM WebSphere. A cross platform 100% pure Java Rapid Application Development solution for all main operating systems of today and tomorrow, examples:

  • OS/400,
  • Internet,
  • Windows,
  • Linux,
  • Solaris.

Most existing and future customers of AS/400 and now the new iSeries are faced with multiple challenges:

  • Modernization of their existing applications: they are expecting solutions to move smoothly from "green screens" to new Graphic Human Interface without the need to redevelop all their existing data base structures and batch programs, this is evolution not revolution,

  • Development of new Internet applications to use this new and inexpensive network to connect all their business partners, and especially the small ones,

  • Emergence of new operating systems like Linux, and multiple operating systems in their company, the IT world of tomorrow will be mainly heterogeneous.

These customers know that the main investment is not the cost of the licenses of new development solutions. Most of the cost is to move the actual expertise in RPG or Cobol to a new development solution that meets all their actual and future needs, so they need only one cross platform Rapid Application Development Solution.

JBuilder for iSeries is the solution to invest in only one development tool for today and tomorrow.

JBuilder for iSeries: a new version of Borland's JBuilder, the world's famous pure Java Development Tool, specially done to develop Client, Server and Internet applications for the IBM iSeries, using WebSphere.

JBuilder for iSeries: the first development solution to develop Client and Server applications for the main Operating Systems of today and tomorrow, examples: OS/400, Internet, Windows, Unix, Linux, and Solaris.

JBuilder for iSeries: a 100% pure Java Rapid Application Development solution to access all OS/400 features like:

  • Data Base thru a 100% pure java JDBC driver,
  • Native access to iSeries data base,
  • With visual and easy to use Java Beans,
  • DataQueues,
  • DataAreas,
  • MessageQueues,
  • CL commands,
  • Call of all existing programs written in any language (RPG, COBOL) using in and out parameters.

Main benefits:

  • 100% Java development solution,
  • Rapid Application Development,
  • iSeries Client and Server applications,
  • The same solution to develop OS/400 « batch » programs,
  • Internet applications, HTML, Java applets, servlets, JSP, EJB
  • Fully supported by IBM WebSphere line of product, using Windows, Linux, AIX or OS/400 Operating Systems,
  • Object oriented,
  • A fully automatic deployment solution for Client applications with iSeries or Windows NT Servers,
  • Client and Server applications for Windows, Linux and Solaris.

JBuilder for iSeries
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