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Integrated Software Quality Assurance, Control and Management

Borland’s integrated suite of quality management software addresses the full range of software quality assurance challenges that companies face. Employed by thousands of enterprises worldwide, Borland’s automated, easy-to-use software quality assurance, management and control technologies help build high availability, accuracy and performance into business-critical software applications. Moreover, they continually optimize application quality during production as users, interfaces and environments change. These capabilities enable software teams to:

  • Address software quality issues early in the application lifecycle, focusing on quality across requirements, design and development
  • Provide collaboration and visibility across the entire software delivery lifecycle, aligning business, development and QA
  • Drive a comprehensive approach to software quality control, systematically reducing rework costs and maintenance

Borland’s Suite of Software Quality Assurance, Control & Management Products

  • Borland® SilkCentral® Test Manager™:
    Deliver team efficiency and visibility with a single, powerful, open and automated software test management tool that supports every crucial stage of the software quality assurance lifecycle
  • Borland Gauntlet®:
    Proactively build and test code as it enters version control, isolate defects and report on key development metrics with a continuous integration and code coverage tool, improving visibility, software quality and developer productivity
  • Borland SilkTest®:
    Increase productivity and reduce costs with automated regression and functional software testing that includes intuitive GUI record-and-play capabilities and a stable, straightforward testing language
  • Borland SilkPerformer®:
    Automate software application performance and load testing to optimize the responsiveness, scalability and reliability of your mission-critical enterprise applications

Borland Silk & Borland Gauntlet
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