JCODER Pro version 1.0

JCODER Pro version 1.0

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JCODER is a lightweight and powerful JAVA Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developers to create, navigate, debug and manage codes quickly and accurately. With JCODER Project Wizard, File Wizard, Class Viewer, Package Viewer, Ant Viewer, Tabbed Documents, JDK profiles, and a customizable user interface, it makes management of Java projects a
lot easier.

is written entirely in C++ and professionally designed for the best look and feel. With all these features along with
a small footprint and fast file loading make JCODER the perfect Java IDE.

Features at a glance

Intuitive User Interface with multi-document editing

  • JCODER supports tabbed view. Editing of multiple documents makes easy with multiple tabbed groups, split view, and cross-document search.

Project Wizard, New Class/ Interface Wizard

  • JCODER provides easy-to-follow wizards such as New Project Wizard, New Class Wizard, New Interface Wizard and New Package Wizard to speed up the development of Java applications on Windows platforms.

Class and Package Viewer

  • Navigation through projects, classes, packages and files is easy in JCODER. Smart project tree view allows file manipulation and updates itself as new files are added automatically.

Advanced editor with code-folding

  • JCODER allows you to collapse (hide) and expand (show) sections of your code to make it easier to navigate and read.

Code Completion with Syntax checking and highlighting

  • JCODER suggests methods, properties and events to insert into your code with a pop-up list box. This allows user to write codes quicker and easier. JCODER also alerts users for any suspected wrong syntax by underlining and highlighting errors.

Feature rich Debugger

  • JCODER debugger makes your debugging process less hassle. You can set breakpoints to segment your program and find out where your program went wrong or step into individual expressions within a statement to solve those tricky problems. JCODER also supports Remote Debugging in which programs running on remote machines can be debugged.

Support of Apache Ant

  • JCODER comes with default Ant version 1.7.1, and user can generate Ant scripts automatically.

Technical Specifications

  • Microsoft Windows 95/98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 or Vista
  • Pentium 4 processor or above
  • 512 megabytes (MB) of RAM
  • Hard-disk space vary depending on installation. Full installation requires 100 MB of available hard-disk space.J
  • Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.4 or above

JCODER Pro version 1.0
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JCODER Pro version 1.0 Educational
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