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The Fastest Way to Build PHP Applications

Embarcadero® RadPHP™ XE revolutionizes web development with a completely integrated, rapid visual development approach and component framework for PHP. The powerful PHP editor and debugger increase coding speed and efficiency. The integrated RadPHP component library helps developers quickly and visually create PHP web and Facebook applications, and the library can be extended with third party and open source components.

Rapidly create data-enabled applications with seamless access to leading databases, and build web clients that connect with multi-tier DataSnap servers created with Delphi and C++Builder. RadPHP XE is the fast way to build powerful and reliable PHP web applications.

  • Complete PHP IDE
  • Easily Build PHP Applications with Drag-And-Drop
  • Painlessly Track Down Errors


RadPHP delivers a complete IDE with all the tools you need for PHP coding and development. The customizable source code editor includes advanced features like color syntax highlighting, bookmarks to ease navigation through large files, and Code Insight to assist in the selection of properties and methods. Use the Project Manager to display and organize the contents of your projects. The new Class Explorer gives a configurable hierarchical view of class libraries and enables fast navigation, And the new History Manager provides automatic multi-level file backups, file differencing and restore.

  • Ultra-fast IDE load times make RadPHP your perfect all-around PHP code editor
  • IDE Insight for one-click search-based navigation and command execution within the IDE
  • Integrated database tools for connecting with, browsing and querying data sources


RadPHP is the only PHP development solution with drag-and-drop visual design. RadPHP provides both code and design views of PHP applications and HTML pages in the integrated development environment (IDE). The design view of the application enables developers to build user interfaces and database connections by simply dragging and dropping components from the Tool Palette onto a form. Properties and events can be set via the Object Inspector and changes to properties such as font style, color, and size are immediately reflected in the design view.

  • Visual designers for both PHP web applications and HTML files
  • More than 150 included components for building user interfaces, displaying data, Google Maps, and much more
  • New components enable you to rapidly build Facebook applications


The quality tools in RadPHP can help make the normally frustrating process of tracking down bugs and errors in code quick and painless. Quality checking starts as you type with Error Insight syntax checking, so you can easily fix syntax errors on the fly. The integrated debugger helps you find errors, view breakpoints, and examine local and global variables. Use the PHP performance profiler to help ensure and improve the performance of your Web apps.

  • Integrated PHP Profiler to measure runtime performance and help identify bottlenecks
  • Advanced breakpoints with Tooltips, actions, and groups for complete debugging control
  • Remote debugging, debug your application stored on a remote server

RadPHP Features

  • PHP editor with coding tools
  • Integrated debugger
  • Error Insight
  • Performance profiling
  • Database and query tools
  • Visual form designer
  • HTML visual designer
  • 100+ visual components

New in RadPHP XE!

  • IDE Insight to find and execute commands
  • New project management tools
  • Class Explorer
  • Faster and more powerful debugger
  • Enhanced breakpoints, watches and remote debugging
  • Support for the Firebird database in the IDE
  • Ultra-fast load time
  • Performance improvements throughout
  • Facebook components
  • New jQuery components
  • DataSnap connectivity
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RadPHP XE Named Upgrade
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